Improv - Piano


I like to approach the
piano as an infinite playground of sound with 88 sonic crayons!
Just as a child learns to play freely with his set of crayons on a blank canvas, I like to discover and choose my set of sonic colors that resonate with me in the moment.


Piano –being a vast land of sound spanning over 7 octaves (largest sonic range of any musical instrument except the organ)- is a magical place where any combination of notes evokes a response whether it is a feeling, a thought, or an image.
By allowing oneself to traverse this vast sonic realm with freedom, we develop a unique relationship to sound and to this magnificent instrument.


Having been trained in the classical tradition, my time of free play and exploration often reconnects me to harmonies, melodies and structures developed over centuries of evolution. Yet at the same time, I find myself discovering new sound combinations and patterns that express themselves in the moment, resulting in immense joy and satisfaction at the deepest level. With 88 sonic crayons and Infinity being my guide, I have so much fun-“playing” @ the piano!!!