Energy, Emotion, and Imagery: The Abstract World Behind the Notes


Lecture-Piano recital. Sarah discusses how understanding musical language and connecting to your subjective feeling and imagery is the key to experiencing the magic of music.

Third Life Studio, Somerville, MA. May 1st, 2016.

Improvisation: Bringing the Lost Art of Authentic Expression


Invited speaker for the New England Piano Teachers Association. Sarah discusses the importance of restoring the art of improvisation lost in the 20th century. Connecting to a spirit of playfulness, inner child, and unconditional acceptance are ways in which one can overcome the initial fear of improvising.  In the second half, she invites volunteers to try improvising in duets with restricted notes as well as improvising in free style using imagery.

Wellesley Free Library, November 23rd, 2015

Bringing Comedy and Improvisation to Classical Music

Sarah talks about incorporating comedy and improvisation into her performances.

      Opus 119 Conservatory of Music, April 14, 2018.  Los Angeles, CA

Bringing FUN!!  Through Play and Improvisation

Sarah talks about bringing the Spirit of Play by incorporating Improvisation and Left Field approach in our music studios.

      Music Teachers' Association of California.  April 11, 2018.  Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Unleashed

Motivational talk based on personal experience.

Sarah shares her personal journey of "unleashing/shedding" from layers of negative thinking, social conditioning, beliefs which have held her back.  She asks the audience to help her "unleash" herself from physical layers of clothing/jewelry, to reveal a more joyous, empowered self.  She likens this process to a sense of resurrection, and re-birth in time for Easter.  

April, 2014 at Energy Theater, Somerville, MA.

Beethoven and Haydn were Funny

Sarah talks about the sense of humor in Beethoven and Haydn and how they incorporated their love of mischief and surprise in their music.

Part of her faculty show; “Un-Leashed”: A multi-dimensional variety show featuring classical/jazz/improvisatory music, dance, comedy, and martial arts.

Jordan hall, New England Conservatory of Music; Boston, MA

Connecting To Your Pulse: We are all Percussion Instruments

Sarah talks about the importance of connecting to your pulse and understanding how that relates to rhythm and pulse in music. Delivered with a sense of humor.

An excerpt from her faculty show: “Un-Leashed”.

May 2013 Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music; Boston, MA

Chakras and Music

Sarah shares her enthusiasm about being aware of your chakras and how they relate to the energies of music.  

An excerpt from her faculty show: “Un-Leashed”.

May 2013 Jordan hall, New England Conservatory of Music; Boston, MA

High and Low: Expanding Your Consciousness Through Sonic Range

Sarah shares her insight based on observation regarding the impact of sound on affecting consciousness and behavior in cultural and spiritual contexts.

March, 2013.  Energy Theater 3; Somerville, MA.