• Fluent and liberating . . . fun to watch
    — David Wright, New York Times
  • Already an experienced soloist, the young Ms. Takagi exudes spirit, vehemence and power. Every great solo work is taken on with individual interpretation, which is why we love to hear the same great music over and over, noting new insights, a performer's approach that is different from what we've heard before. The Grieg is a romantic work, also a work with demanding fast runs, trills, heavy chords and the performer saw it as a work of drama, enthralling the crowd with her technical brilliance.
    — Jackie Wattenberg, Melrose Free Press
  • You were absolutely brilliant, musical, virtuosic, and the audience, musicians and I were thrilled with your performance.
    — Yoichi Udagawa, conductor of Boston Pops, Melrose Symphony Orchestra.
  • Her performance was riveting, electric and powerful, the highlight of the evening. The piece starts out with a bang, the famous mighty roll on the timpani, and a powerful chord in the orchestra and the fierce and furious descending octaves in Miss. Takagi's piano solo. She courageously leads the orchestra through her wild journey of passion, vigor and fury; the audience was "mesmerized" by her virtuosity. After the first movement, the audience broke the "moment" and gave her a standing ovation.
    — Linda Eknoian, Dorchester Community News