THe Essence Of THe Voice


The voice is the sonic representation for who we are at every level of our being; conscious, unconscious and beyond.  Through the sound of our voices, one can hear much more than what is being said- it presents a more transparent expression to our thoughts, feelings, and who we are as vibrational beings. Music- especially sacred music or music created with noble intention can be an opportunity through which the voice can vibrate to a higher frequency.  Each one of us is born with this magical instrument and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to expand our consciousness with the gift of music.  By mindfully choosing the energetic makeup of the music we sing, we may achieve a higher vibrational balance. For those who choose not to go through the gateway of music, they can expand their awareness through attuning to greater ranges of masculine (lower) and feminine (higher) spectrum of vocal expression as well as through mantras, chants and affirmations.  

From my personal experience, I have been able to learn about human nature by listening to the voice. The sound and inflection with which someone speak have presented a transparent summary of an individual’s makeup and have been a helpful tool in understanding my students, as well as understanding people in general. The sonic variation in languages have also presented a thematic difference in mainstream thought and consciousness in nations and cultures.  Additionally, sonic gap between conversational feminine and masculine range have also presented an interesting source of information regarding the relative state of gender in nations.

As a vocal artist, I find pure joy in navigating the sonic range of each song and deciphering the emotional, energetic, spiritual makeup presented. My goal- guided by infinity is exploration, expansion, and ascension through inhabiting the wide range of vocal repertoire. As a performer, my mission is to communicate the core essence-energetic signature of each song.