Lavender Bouquet

A collection of the most romantic, beautiful repertoire for the piano featuring such composers as Brahms, Chopin, Scriabin, and Schumann.  Intended for relaxation and healing; recorded on a Reiki-blessed 9ft Steinway grand piano in Jordan hall, one of the most sacred and perfectly acoustic halls in the world.

Voted Best Relaxing Classical CD 2008 at

  • Sarah, today I was driving and listening in the car to your Brahms Intermezzo ( from the Lavender Bouquet CD) and was so touched- I think it's the most moving, spiritual interpretation of the piece I have ever heard
    — Martin Allen, retired musician, professor; Boston University
  • Thanks Sarah for making such lovely music to soothe the soul, you have a wonderful gift. I will play your cd in my healing practice and I know it will just enhance the sessions, my clients will love it!
    — Donna Galloway, LCMT, energy/sound healer
  • This is the most gorgeous, relaxing piano music anyone would appreciate. This music gets to the core of the soul. Perfect selections transition beautifully from one to the next. So beautiful you are disappointed when it is over. Thank you for sharing your soul Sarah. You have enriched mine.
    — Christine Soroka, Musician
  • I heard the CD and its a wonderful calming and relaxation music,I listend to it during my driving and it was facinating how it reduce my tention and even reduce my speed..., its a wonderful CD and recommended to all people who are looking for relaxation. You can listen to it over and over and its still touching, The pianist performance is unique and the music is clear and bright. Its a great CD.
    — Shvarts Shifra
  • The playing of the piano on this CD has a soulful, meditative quality to it that I found quite soothing and nourishing, as if Ms. Takagi were imbuing every note with a Reiki/medicinal kind of aura!
    — Archibald Edwards
  • Magical - actually mesmerizing! I plan on buying several copies of Sarah Takagi's "Lavendar Bouquet" as gifts, when they come in. I don't even have any musical background to fully appreciate all the technical perfection; I just know how wonderful it "feels" - and that's worth sharing.
    — Gail Green, Realtor
  • A moment's relaxation at the end of a hectic day is an absolute sanity saver for a busy grad student such as myself, especially living amidst the noise & chaos of New York City! There is nothing quite as soothing as coming home after a long day, playing "Lavendar Bouquet" and sipping a glass of wine! Bravisima!!
    — Sara Petrasso, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Student
  • Sarah's touch is healing, uplifting and masterful. Upon listening to "Lavender Bouquet" one's consciousness is soothed, one's spirit is refined. Brilliant, gentle, and quietly passionate. I recommend "Lavender Bouquet" for all occasions.
    — Steven Schatz, Psychotherapist, Musician
  • Sarah's musical offering is such a joy! As a pianist, I can fully appreciate the expertise that is evident in each lovely phrase of music. Perhaps more important, though, is the spirit of love and peace that flows throughout this music. Sarah's Lavender Bouquet will hold a special place in our music library. We will look forward to sharing this beautiful gift with our family and friends. Thank you, Sarah!
    — Janet Craswell
  • Rare is such integrity which co-habits with such discreetly explosive musicality! This CD shall travel throughout Europe and then further in no time. Congratulations!
    — eu27music
  • I listen to Sarah's CD daily on my way to work. It is truly a joy to hear. She plays beautifully and consequently can truly touch your spirit! I will share the CD with so many others whom I know can benefit by this uplifting, soothing music. Thank You Sarah for this wonderful gift.
    — Karen Lovett
  • Nurturing music. I feel your passion streaming through the piano keys
    — Liz Jenkins
  • This CD is wonderful! I plan on listening to "Lavender Bouquet" in my lab. I will share this beatiful music with my friends too. Thank you Sarah for the brilliant gift.
    — Ping Ye
  • Finally a CD I can listen to without thinking of "work". Sarah's "Lavender Bouquet" brings loving peace, healing and joy to the listener. I immediately shared this wonderful gift with a musician friend in the hospital. We enjoyed a family dinner with this CD as our background music. My great-nephew (2 1/2 years old) wanted to listen to it while riding on a car trip, and it is his CD of choice! I listen to it while resting prior to my 3 1/2 hour opera performance. As you can see, it serves multiple purposes, all of which bring the listener peace, joy and for myself, an appreciation of the outstanding quality of this recording in every aspect. Sarah's "Lavender Bouquet" will be this year's Christmas gift for friend's and family. Thank you, Sarah, for this incredibly beautiful music all in one package! We are truly blessed that you shared this with us.
    — Lorely Zgoonc
  • Sarah Takagi is a truly inspirational performer. As a music educator, I have used this CD to inspire my students to learn more, as a musician, I have shared this CD with fellow musicians for intellectual stimulation, as a healer, I have used this CD to regenerate and create. This music is truly heartfelt and sincere, as each sound vibration hits the core of who we are as peacemakers and messengers of love. The brilliance, sensitivity, freedom, thoughtful interpretation, and compassion in these notes create an environment of love and completeness, in which anything can be accomplished. Ms. Takagi is a truly gifted pianist, and her talents compare to the best in the field. This is a remarkable CD, and I highly recommend use of it in all of its versatile applications.
    — Sally
  • Sarah Takagi's artistry and love for this music shines through in every bar, as does her authoritative presence and gift for getting to the essence of each piece, each composer. The album flows with organic unity - the cumulative effect is serene, graceful, poignant, and transcendent. Even amidst somber moments, the overarching sentiment is of compassion. In these waltzes, ballads, and lullabies, Ms. Takagi reveals the mystery at the heart of Chopin, Brahms, Schumann, etc. - exquisite harmonic shadings traverse sadness, epiphany, repose, and benediction. This is a gentle album to breathe to, to relax to, to celebrate the inner and outer dance of being human. Apropos: choreographers, filmmakers, and video artists have reason to rejoice over this CD - with its rhythmic layering, drawn-out currents of energy, and sterling evocation of the subtle nuances of human emotion, it invites collaboration as it presents the radiant flights of the soul. Strong-and-gentle, wise, and luminously clear, Ms. Takagi celebrates the freshness of each moment - beautiful, daring soundings, and an inspiration for the music-of-life!
    — Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, Musician (Institute of Music, Education, and Spirit-Body Integration)
  • Masterfully done. Bravo! Move over Andrea Bocelli, I plan on listening to Sarah Takagi's "Lavender Bouquet" CD from now on when I feel like relaxing, reading or meditating.
    — Ross Miller, Psychic Healer
  • It is a great album I have listened to over and over. I'm getting another two for my mom and my friend who will join me to enjoy the beautiful sound and appreciate the passionating artwork. Thank Sarah and look forward to your another album soon.
    — Helen, a classical music lover


Live recording of solo piano improvisations based on a range of pre-determined characters, imagery, and chakras.  Four of the improvisations are collaborations with guest artist singer song writer, Sarah Rogo where they improvise piano-voice duets inspired by spiritual themes.