Infinity is the natural state of the universe.  It is a concept that has become most important to me ever since I was a child.  Infinity has become the main driving force and goal of my life.  I search for it everywhere: As an artist, I seek infinite range and expression.  As a teacher, I seek to recognize and foster the infinite potential in my students.  As a human being, I seek to become one with Infinity.

Expansion and Contraction (Ying and Yang of Infinity)

Although Infinity may suggest a feeling of expansion, it is an all encompassing concept (and beyond. . .!) which includes the state of ying and yang (contraction/expansion).  Thus as I direct my thoughts outward toward infinite expression and range, yet at the same time, I seek to discover and nurture the precious individuality of my students as well as to find my own unique expression in the universe.

How I grow in Expansion/Yang State

As a spiritual seeker and artist, I seek to expand through the following:


I engage in music, artistic expression, thinking, behavior, cultural influences which encompass the full spectrum of chakras.  Music that are beat dominant (pop, jazz) may stimulate my lower chakras (1 and 2) while playing Bach and Mozart may open one’s higher chakras (6 and 7).  Physically, I may balance my chakras by engaging in dance (1 and 2) while afterwards, I may sit still in meditation (6 and 7).  Singing songs of a romantic nature may engage the 2nd and 4th chakras, while singing devotional songs may synchronize the heart chakra with the crown chakra (divine). For growing one’s power, I may engage in martial arts and consciously connect with my ancestors (Japanese samurai’s on my mother’s side) or speak up for one’s rights (throat and solar plexus).  I am constantly seeking infinity, inclusion, and unconditional acceptance and love through widening my range of experiences, thinking, and ultimately my auric field.  By engaging in both lower and high chakra stimulating activities, I grow in compassion and understanding towards the spectrum of human behavior. 

How I find my Personal Tone through Contraction/Ying State

As I find infinity in people and the world, I also strive to find the unique beauty in each person including myself.  Thus as I grow and widen my perception and consciousness through expansive and inclusive activities and thinking, I listen and go inward to find experiences/thinking/vibration which resonate more deeply with me.  As I embrace a rainbow of colors literally, I find that I gravitate and feel most at home with color purple (color of chakra 6).  I also find that I have a strong warrior nature  which is not surprising, coming from a line of Samurai warriors on my mother’s side.  The warrior nature helps me to stand my ground and express myself amidst the strong current of mainstream thinking, which can at times be overwhelming.  To perhaps balance the warrior side, I have a very strong healer’s archetype, where in addition to being a Reiki master, it is simply in my nature to always seek out healing, and solution to situations of dis-ease.  As an artist and teacher, my healer side is very prominent in wanting to bring healing energies, sounds, and guidance to my audiences and students.

Quotes on Infinity

"The greatest romance is with the infinite. You have no idea how beautiful life can be. When you suddenly find God everywhere, when He comes and talks to you and guides you, the romance of divine love has begun.

If you have attunement with the Infinite, you will know that whether or not nature shatters your body you are still on the lap of Immortality, still on the lap of that Infinite Assurance. Resurrect yourself from the consciousness of human habits and the human thoughts thereof. Live every second in the consciousness of your relationship with the Infinite. That alone is ever lasting; it is the one thing that will live forever."

-Paramahansa Yogananda