Demo Trailer

Sarah loves to do shows which encompass a broad range of expression; from classical piano, improv piano, jazz singing, to improv clowning, comedy, and dance.


Classical PIano


Beethoven 32 Variations


Grieg Piano Concerto with Orchestra

Gershwin Piano Concerto with Orchestra


Improvisation (Piano/Dance/Comedy/Jazz Voice)


 Improvisation to Interactive Fractal Images

"Trance in C": An Improvisation

Solo Improvisation and collaborative Improvisation with voice

Excerpt from "Trance: A Romantic Journey with guest artist Sarah Rogo"

Improvisation with drums and dance


Improvisation on synthesizers with dance



Improvised Mystic Dance to Music by Egg Queen

Swing Dance!


Improv Music and Comedy

"Improv Music and Clowning"

"Wild First Date"


Jazz Voice

"Sometimes I'm Happy"