Evolution of Language to a Higher Octave

There are 7 plus octaves at the piano.  Each octave encases 12 notes, but with the placement of each octave, the shade of pitch varies.  I feel that the English language in our American culture is ascending to a higher octave with words that are kinder, more gentle, and spiritual.   I began noticing infiltration of words used in new contexts.  For example, words such as "transparency" and "authenticity" are both words that are used to connote new levels of honesty: "Transparency" is often used to indicate greater access to information for the general public from a governing body; "authenticity" -a state of coming from a deeper place of honesty for an individual.  Another word I hear often is "inclusiveness".  As a spiritually minded musician, I love "hearing" these words- they are "music" to my ears. . . . !!